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Just an Electro-Pop Songwriter trying to make it in Hollywood. Check me out on YouTube and iTunes below!
Pokemon, Power Rangers, Harry Potter, Glee, & K-Pop.

"Jon-Jon it’s too hot so Iz gots to lay on da AC vent." #dakota #huskies #mischeviousgirl #puppies #dogs


singing the wrong lyrics when singing along to ur favourite song


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[robin thicke voice] hey hey hey

[justin timberlake voice] bye bye bye

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In Flo-Rida’s song “Low” he states that Shawty is wearing the apple bottom jeans, the boots with the fur AND the Reeboks with the straps, what is she some kind of four legged morph woman? In all honesty I’m not surprised the whole club is looking at her 

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Cuz why use the floor when you can use the table as a bed? #comfortisimportant #rileyisnotacat #catphotos #catdog #riley #bordercollies #labs #mutts

I love my little kitty Riley! #catdog #riley #bordercollies #labs #mutts #sillysleeper


old ass ppl talk shit about my generation until they accidentally disable their wifi and cant figure out how to turn it back on

then im suddenly the mastermind of information & resources

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I don’t understand why people aren’t interested in Astronomy.

You can look up into the night sky and see a fucking galaxy with your naked eye. You can see cosmic structures that are millions of light years across and if you don’t think that’s the coolest fucking shit then I don’t know what to tell you.

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*tans for 5 minutes* *checks for tan lines*

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*whispers to you during sex*

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that’s exactly what someone who’s dating their dad would say


help me, i am trapped

in a haiku factory

save me, before they

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